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Nicknamed "The Olivia Pope of Entertainment", Milan Zoe is constantly working to elevate the status of the culture both in front and behind the camera. Originally from New York and a proud Alumna of Howard University, Milan began her career in entertainment as both a journalist and publicist. Before graduating Milan secured a job with BET and has worked with them for the last 4 years most recently associate producing the network special "Genius Talks." 


It was once said that diversity was not needed behind the camera in order to tell the story of diversity in front of the camera. This statement could not be more inaccurate and was the moment that Milan knew that she wanted and more importantly needed to be a producer. To date Milan has produced everything including but not limited to music video's, commercials, and films. While film and art do maintain entertainment value, Milan's projects also aim to address social issues as well. She believes that media directly impacts the worlds perception of both woman and people of color and that the preconceived notions consciously and subconsciously formed affect how we all co-exist. Milan is working diligently using her art as a form of activism to change the narrative so that she can ultimately change interracial interactions all over the world. 


Milan is the founder of Laniland Productions, a full service production company and #ChangingTheNarrative, a campaign that teaches and encourages people of the need to create their own content, tell their own stories, live in their own magic, and determine their own legacy through art and media cultivation.    


When not writing, producing, hosting or "Olivia Pope'ing" connecting the entertainment dots for others you can typically find Milan being active hiking, riding bikes, playing tennis and basketball or lifting weights in a gym nearest you.